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Dentron DTR-2000L

Dentron DTR-2000L

Rare and beautiful!  This ain't  no Clipperton!
Using a single 3CX1500A7 (8877) ceramic triode tube.

Dentron DTR-2000L

Inside the box: "the guts and the glory"
A simple design, resulting in lots of reliable power!

Dentron DTR-2000L

The rear connections are simple, and straight forward.
The metal cover at the top right, is where you change
between 120 VAC and 220 VAC.

3CX1500A7 (also known as a 8877) ceramic triode tube.
The Russian equivalent is a YU158.
There is also a Chinese version made by Penta Labs.
The 3CXP1500A7 (Pulse rated) is supposed to be a direct swap.
There are some who HATE on Dentron.
The usual complaint being that the power supply is weak.
I've changed out the HV capacitors and relays, and done the 10 meter mod.
This amp puts out 1500+ watts P.E.P. with 100 watts of drive on ALL bands.
Does THAT sound weak to you?!?

Even so, some modifications are planned:
1) Glitch resistor to protect the power supply.
2) Diodes to protect the meters.
3) A step start to reduce current in-rush.

View an archived copy of NR7N's DTR-2000L modifications

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