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Kenwood TS-850Sat
( Click on the above picture to see several more of the TS-850 )

Kenwood DSP-100
( Click on the above picture to read about the DSP-100 )

My primary radio is a Kenwood TS-850Sat
and DSP-100 combination, with a BHI-DSP
which I installed to bring the radio
into the 21st century, and give ANY
SDR radio serious competition!

How to install the BHI NEDSP1061-KBD

It may be ~35 year old radio model,
but it's hard to beat Kenwood audio!
I've lost count of the number of times
someone has complimented me on the audio.

I collect *all* Kenwood HF Radio Brochures!
If you have one that I'm missing, PLEASE e-mail it to me!

View Kenwood HF Radio Brochures

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