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.: MESH Network :.

MESH networking is the evolution of Packet Radio.
The days of 1200 baud connectivity aren't
gone ... it's just been upgraded!

Now we have Packet Radio on steroids!
It uses WiFi frequencies, and allows WiFi transfer speeds.
Many packet radio nodes are using MESH as their backbone.

Early versions of MESH are referred to as HSMM (High Speed Multi-Media).
HSMM evolved into BBHN (Broad Band Ham Net) as more was learned.
BBHN evolved into MESH networking as we now know it today.

It all started with a surplus WiFi router made by Linksys.
Shown here is the WRT54G model:

Along the path of learning, it was discovered that we
(Amateur Radio operators) could take advantage of some
of our bands to get greater distance out of the equipment.

Ubiquiti makes eqiupment for our 2.4 Ghz, 3 Ghz & 5 Ghz bands.
Next came along some enterprising people at A.R.E.D.N., who
created firmware that allowed for communications outside of the
normal WiFi "channels" to eliminate interfering traffic and noise.

Some common Ubiquiti models used:
... click on an image to see a large version ...

 Click here to goto the A.R.E.D.N. website 
I considered offering some of the A.R.E.D.N. firmware here,
but decided not to because of concerns about copyrights.
Please go to the A.R.E.D.N. website to learn more!

The push is now on to get as many HAM's involved as we can!
The more "nodes" that HAM's erect, the better our network will be.

Some of the benefits of a MESH network:
- It is self learning
- It is self correcting
- It can offer services or applications
- It can offer VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
- It can link any digital repeater (DMR/DStar/P25)
- It can be the core of Emergency Communications
- It can be port-forwarded to/from another device
- Nodes can tunnel across the Internet
- Nodes can act as a tunnel server

Already, the "Golden Horseshoe" (Niagara to Toronto) has
an operating MESH network, and it's growing steadily!

Several national organizations have already adopted MESH,
as their EmComm solution. Think A.R.E.S. and Red Cross.
It has already been tested in the field with great success!

Folks, the price of the Ubiquiti devices have come down a lot!
You can pick up a used piece of equipment for around $50.00 on eBay
I can remember when a packet controller would cost you $100.00

So, what are YOU  waiting for?!
Join the MESH network!

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