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.: The Shack :.

This is a 20 year old old shack picture.   A current one is below.

How many microphones do you see?   
Click here for the Answer

.: 2018 :.

These days I've cleaned up and minified the foot print of the "shack".

My current operating conditions.
I prefer to keep things simple and clean.

My 50 Million serial number Kenwood TS-850Sat
After all these years, and it still sounds awesome!
You can keep all them new fangled SDR's folks!
This one is going with me into the grave.

A close up of the pan adapter at work

Below the desk, and out of sight is my Nye Viking tuner,
Astron 50M power supply, PH-500 mic processor,
Behringer SX-3040 sonic exciter, and computer.
Oh yeah! ... and my ICOM IC-2710 dual band radio.

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